Feeling Anxious? Here’s What You Can Do About It Now

Mental Health is important, yet we don't talk about it enough. We're all human. We’re facing entirely new fears. We cry at unpredictable times. We crave intimacy and connection.

Keeping mounting anxiety under control is an increasingly challenging task during unprecedented times, and it is top of mind for many. Since Laurie Santos, a Professor of Psychology at Yale University and host of The Happiness Lab podcast, uploaded her popular Yale course, The Science of Well-Being, to Coursera two years ago, she’s had over 500,000 people enroll. In the last three weeks of March alone, 800,000 new learners signed up for the lecture series.

Here are some tips from Santos on how to cope with anxiety;

  1. Notice How Your Body Responds to Stress

  2. Give Yourself a Mental Break

  3. Create a New Social Routine

  4. Be Self-Compassionate, Not Just Self-Aware

  5. Find Gratitude

Remember, comfort starts with self-care, and self-care is making sure every part of you, both mental and physical is okay.

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