Glossier Just Released Your New Favorite Cleanser.

Updated: May 6

I’ve been using the same Clinique cleanser since high school. As they say: If it ain’t broke…

Even though I’m a creature of habit I’ve been liking the Cleansing Concentrate from Glossier A LOT. It’s not the most clarifying cleanser out there, but for my combination skin it does the trick. It’s also summer time so my skin isn’t as dry as in the winter.

I like that it doesn’t feel sticky, even as the day goes on and I potentially get sweaty walking around NYC. In conjunction with the foundation I’ve been using [below] it’s been a good combo for me, and my skin.

At night I still use a different cleanser which was recommended to me by my dermatologist.

This stuff is very sheer. If you’re looking for something full coverage, look elsewhere. For me right now, especially during the toasty summer months, I love love love that this stuff is sheer. I haven’t been liking thicker foundation lately and this is a nice contrast for me.

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